Laura.. ever to the rescue. I’ve been inching toward this in LA (sorry but I’ve never seen so many seasons in all my New England/NYC life…) tho I was wearing

Wren. Smoke. Gunmetal. Black

Not wanting to whip out the saturated summer colors

Hooray!!! I can now b organized around a color theme (!!!) and I DO love those cotton toteme double pleats (all this time I thought you were loving the wool ones.. I ordered a pair & they’re crispy cutie cropped cotton poplin 🥰

Yay thanks

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like the lighter-weight cotton for summer, but ofc the wool are faves and i'll still wear them through spring. glad you love!!

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Ah! Thanks for clarifying.. I’ve inadvertently “clutter-cleared” the wool ones repeatedly only to then b searching for them again (which is how I ended up w the cotton ones)

I love the long drop on the wool xo

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