I have a question! How often do you shop? I understand it’s a part of your job but I’d love to know how often new items come in and also are you selling stuff too? Just trying to gauge input/output :)

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Hi! I have a product request. I’m looking for comfortable shoes for traipsing around the city that aren’t sneakers. Would love to hear your suggestions! :)

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hey Julia! I was just looking through the Eytys sale and these caught my eye — they're kind of a sneaker bottom with a boot body and remind me of 90s linea rossa prada: https://eytys.com/product/sale/shadow-leather-black-boots

Camper also always makes super comfy but cool walking shoes, especially their more experimental arm CAMPERLAB, which just released its SS22 collection: https://bit.ly/3fJu1Bi

Personally, I've been wearing the hell out of my Weejuns. They're great because there's no fuss getting them on and off and I've worn them through every season, just switching out sock thickness: https://bit.ly/3GI2wnS

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Jan 19, 2022Liked by laura reilly

Thank you, Laura! I've been thinking about going the loafer route. You're giving me the push I need! Now just need the Weejuns to come back in stock in my size ;)


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